Children's Day, Shanghai City Resumes Normal Production and Life

Children's Day, Shanghai City Resumes Normal Production and Life


After three months of global static management, Shanghai city has finally returned to its former bustling scene.

metal roof waterproof membrane

This year, the epidemic broke out repeatedly, and mobile cabin hospitals were established all over the country. 

When hearing the news, JDHT quickly established an anti-epidemic commando team. All staff worked day and night. 

The production line was running 24 hours a day. Ensure important waterproof construction materials are delivered 

to the front-line construction sites of emergency reconstruction projects of mobile cabin hospitals in various places as soon 

as possible.

self-adhesive waterproof membrane

JDHT provided best waterproofing membrane, supply high-quality black general butyl rubber weather-resistant self-adhesive 

waterproofing membrane for mobile cabin hospitals, which can be used for 25 years, with strong adhesion, simple and easy construction, 

and can also be constructed in rainy season, which can save time and cost for engineering projects. 

concrete roof waterproof membrane

JDHT waterproof manufacture also produce metal roof waterproof membrane, self-adhesive waterproof membrane, 

concrete roof waterproof membrane, basement waterproofing membrane and waterproof coating.

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