Can cracks Heal Themselves? Leadway Take You to Witness the Miracle

Can cracks Heal Themselves? Leadway Take You to Witness the Miracle


As a typical brittle material, concrete is easily affected by the surrounding environment during use, and some cracks will inevitably occur. 

If not repaired in time, it will cause macroscopic cracks and brittle fractures, thereby affecting the durability of concrete structures and reducing 

Bearing capacity and waterproof performance. With the continuous emergence of new waterproof materials, is there any product that can achieve 

self-healing of concrete cracks? What is the mechanism through which the self-healing effect is achieved?

concrete waterproofing systems

                                             What is crack self-healing?

Crack self-healing is based on the self-healing of concrete as the core, imitating the principle of biological damage healing, so that composite materials 

can self-repair and self-heal for internal or external damage, so that concrete cracks can be self-repaired at an early stage and return to their original state. 

Some structures and functions can eliminate the hidden danger of building leakage from the root of the structure and prolong the service life.

crystallization waterproofing

Traditional repair materials do not have secondary repair capabilities,Self-healing smart waterproof material emerges as the times require.

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concrete additives for waterproofing.

                                         Representative products of self-healing cracks

Cement-based permeable crystalline waterproof material is an intelligent waterproof material with self-diagnosis and self-healing capabilities. 

Its unique "crack self-healing" function cannot be achieved by many waterproof materials. According to the method of use, it is divided into 

LV-8 self-healing inorganic nano-crystalline waterproofing agent mixed with concrete and LV-5 cement-based permeable crystalline waterproofing 

coating for concrete surface treatment.

concrete additives for waterproofing                concrete waterproofing systems

It can be painted on the surface of the concrete substrate to form a waterproof coating; the dry powder can also be directly sprinkled on the surface of 

the cement concrete that is not fully cured and pressed into the concrete. It is mainly used for plugging and repairing the joints, cracks and defects of 

concrete structures.

crystallization waterproofing                              concrete additives for waterproofing 

When used LV8 waterproofing agent for concrete, it is directly added as an aggregate when the concrete is batched, and the waterproof construction is 

completed with the concrete pouring. This kind of usage is generally used for self-waterproofing and anti-corrosion of the structure, and can also be used 

to improve the strength of the concrete matrix.

Leadway concrete waterproofing features:

1. Strong self-healing ability

LV-5 cement-based penetrating crystalline waterproof coating can repair micro-cracks below 0.4mm by itself, and LV-8 self-healing inorganic nano-crystalline 

waterproofing agent can self-repair micro-cracks below 0.6mm. The self-healing function of cracks exceeds that of similar products.

concrete waterproofing systems

2. Resist erosion

Provides concrete with comprehensive protection against chemical attack, freeze-thaw cycles, chloride penetration and carbonization.

crystallization waterproofing

3. High pressure impermeability

Improve the impermeability of concrete, so that it can continue to crystallize under high water pressure. Impermeability grade P12 or above.

concrete additives for waterproofing

4. Reduce overall cost

Reduce earthwork excavation, avoid construction and material costs such as protective layer, leveling layer, isolation layer, etc., 

and reduce future maintenance costs.

concrete waterproofing systems

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